Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MC !!!

Little Angel is sick...for the first time in his 10 months n 3 weeks.. very cranky, wants to be cuddled all the time, will cry loud when left on the floor, running nose, high fever, and the most painful thing is - he'd lose lots of weight ..no more chubby little handsome..just model body now :)

So sorry for not taking well of you... pls forgive me : (

I'm sick too...dunno whether it is him who got the virus or me..wondering ..wondering...hmmm

Yup. he got 6 teeth at upjaw now... and still 2 teeny-weeny at bottom jaw..no wonder he's not feeling and and keep biting his finger and the bottle teats...

As days goes by, little angel begin to show his temper - once feeding, he said umphh (rejecting); second try, louder umphhhhhhh; and the third try - either he would grab the spoon and throw it away or he would spit it out and use his hand to grab the food and throw it away...

Oh my...he learns a few things at home - firstly, he's able to climb the stairs very quickly (on first atempt)...and now can't take our eyes of from him as he would grab whatever opportunity to climb the stair, once we only leave him on the floor for a few second - next thing is we found him halfway up the stairs....

Next thing is - he know how to rollover - I was feeling weird what is he doing on the floor, kissing ? licking? nooo...he is rolling on the floor..hmph how he learns that?? According to kakak - he's learn that by trying to get in the bedframe to grab the toy car.. as the frame is too short for him to got through - he hold on the the frame and slip his legs in and when the whole body is in - he roll over to get close to the car....but couldn't get out...hahhahhaa

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