Thursday, February 23, 2006

Commitment ???

Have you ever think about what commitment is about??? Does it means a lot to you??? or to your the other half???

For some - it might be an easy word.....but for me - it is a heavy word..... for I have fear and wonder whether by giving commitment - it would guarantee things would work the way you want it?????

At times, I might be too pushy n too sticky to people ... I always remind myself not to...or at least try not to... coz inside me - I fear that I might push people away from me.... Guess the loneliness n emptiness in me are real huge....

Don't push someone if you know they're not ready to make a decision, no matter how impatient you are.... ** I keeps on reminding myself : )

Got to exercise my sense of patience and give room and space to people to come to their own conclusions.....