Monday, March 26, 2007

TemPer - TiRed - SurrenDer

Temper - Been having this QuicK Temper for quite sometime..just felt very "Man-Chang" all the time...can't stand the students, can't stand the people around, can't stand the stupid jam...

Tired - Getting tired all day long..and most of the day.... it wasn't like this a decade ago.. probably when age catches up, you have to admit it ; ( Just hope that everything would be fine and felt so sorry to my little angel for what I'd did in the beginning stage coz of my temper.. so sorry.. please forgive me

Surrender - Gotta learn not to be tooooooo stubborn, give in moreee, take a second break when I'm angry to cool down ..... and learn to accept to live as a family which I'd fear coz I'd been living alone all this while... and not believing in relationship

Just hope everything will be a smooth sailing journey to happiness.........together with HIM n Little Angel ^o^