Tuesday, January 16, 2007

W? H? Y?

Been lazy for so long to blog...many things happened in this 1.5 years life in KL.

Don't know whether it is a wrong or rite decision ... to move up to KL in search for the long lost smile.................

Recalling the year/s back at here, there are some sadness, happiness, hurts and dissapointment done : (

Am I happy now? I don't know...just wondering why as we grow old, happiness seems so far to reach... why it is so hard to smile again without worries and doubts??? Why???

I think I might not able to be free as I want, be joyful as I hope............

Why it is so hard to step back? Why it is so hard to not wanting to win? Why it is so hard to compromise? Why it is so hard to be open? Why....so many why????

I'm just too and so tired of "not able to be what you wannabe"

Why we have to wear a mask whenever we are?? WHY??