Thursday, June 05, 2008

Little Boss's Progress

On 3rd June, boss D started to crawl forward... so happy as I'd been worrying about his progress as previously he only crawl backward... go-stan..

His temper is beginning to show - would shake his head and scream when he did not want something..e.g. boring food (usual porridge), putting him in cradle n forcing him to sleep, sitting too long on the stroller..

Little boss would laugh out loud if we pour away the leftover porridge, and when he bang his head on our body (it hurts and by reflex we would scream out..but that initiate his next bang..) - so what I do is - just keep quiet and he would stop doing this : )

He's scared of getting inside the lif...would try bringing out more and taking lif up and he's familiar with this..