Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Truth ? Doubts ?

Loose instructions on how to search for the truth about anything -
1. Search the official websites.
2. Search the unofficial websites.
3. Search the world out there.
4. Search yourself within.

The last instruction is crucial for any search though.

Great doubt - great realisation
Little doubt - little realisation
No doubt - no realisation

Any doubts?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby's Day at Home..

Few days at home - gain - lots of bums at this 9 months he had not even cried so hard like this..

My fault, sayang... mummy shouldn't have left you for a few seconds... knowing that you are so active and quick in action : )

Two central bottom teeth grows when you are 6 months & Two central top teeth when you are Nine months ..good job..hopefully you won't be irritable as your gums would be sore, no restless nights and miserable days for you when your teeny weeny teeth grow through.

That's spell why his milk bottle nipples are torn ..all of them...weird when I found out why all his milk bottle nipples are torn... now i Know, now I know, little one... : )

He's becoming more and more strong - doesn't likes to be carried for long as he would try to break free in whatever means as he could...then crawling around, touching and pulling things and not forgetting tasting them : )

Got to be more careful and be alert of what he's doing as he getting more witty and act in a flash.. he's strong enough to hold on to the edge of his cot to stand up, would try to struggle free from his tied stroller, would kick to free himself from baby rockers....oh my...such an energetic little angel ^o^

But still of all - I'm happy of his progress... as he's doing well and I do hear praises for him and myself too.. Thank god for not letting go of us.. NamoAmituofo