Saturday, April 29, 2006

Trip to Miri....

Just came back a few days ago after a long long trip to Miri... Things are happening here and there along the stay at there... Thought I could use this trip to sort out my mind !! Am I really able to ????

1st April 2006 (2:00 pm)
Reached Miri airport - feeling very hungry since my last breakfast early in the morning... didn't have anything at the plane - cos they only serve - Nasi Lemak : (

So the first thing when I reached the airport - is to get something to eat...Never know that a 'Butter Milk Bun' would taste that nice (And it is the only nice bun from Ma Bakery, Miri)

When to Mega Hotel - place where I'll be staying for 26 days. It is situated in the town center..a quiet place..

Nite comes softly.... have some rest and then after taken my bath - decided to go to the nearest supermarket to get some milk and oats and drinks and most wanted a pair of comfortable shoes cos what I had on my feet was my high heel.. Manage to get the things I wanted and walk back from Imperial Mall situated in front of the hotel and have my dinner at Ming Cafe - nice place with nice food (as most places at Miri serve lousy food).

The main reason I choose to come to Miri for work - is b'cos I need to have some space and time to really think about what I want in my life... Will I be alright alone?? Will I be able to be independent?

Sitting near the room window - looking at the wonderful nite scene of miri coast..thinking about 'You' ..thought I'm able to be away from you..but it is so hard..tears keep falling from my my mind - I'm so confused - why my action is to leave you but my feeling is not??? Felt so lonely..and lost...what I want? Keep on asking myself....just dunno...scare and confuse...

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