Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Day Out !!

First baby trip to PD ! Tiara Beach Resort 7-8th July 2008

Damien is 8 mths n 3 weeks - since he likes to play water during his bath - splashing all over the places ..thought it would be fun and he would enjoy going to PD

Reached there around 12:30pm after going thru jammed and long long way : )

Poor baby are scared when we were there - not been bringing him out a lot - so he's scared of people ; ( been crying n crying n tears coming out..poor thing..will try to bring him out more whenever I'm free.. that's my promise my dear baby..

On the second day- he's much more better, able to talk to some, letting some to carry him although not for long, but that's an improvement..

Got him into Cutest Baby competition - never would expect any prize....surprisingly...we WON..
Hip hip hooray for baby Damien - for winning the FIRST prize.. ^o^

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