Friday, January 25, 2008

Everything I said is WRONG ????

Why when he decided to leave us and said that all he could offer is money?
Why when I'd accepted his offer - I'm been labeled as a con?
Why when there's mutual understanding that he can only be responsible in terms of money, I'm the one getting blames???

Why when he's the one who wants to quit but I'm getting the blame for all this?
Why when he decided to give up the baby and then questioned people about why he couldn't have this child?

Y? y? y? ? ?

It's so hard to b torn between my family and him...
My family said that if I do not listen to them again...dun ever think of asking for their help next time...
Inside me - I do not want to act this way..but do I have a choice...what can I do?
For him n his mum - this action taken had gone to0 far as I'd make things reaching an unreturnable stage.....but do we still have hopes???? is it still mendable????

How ??? What ????

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