Saturday, April 29, 2006


Sunday, 2nd April 2006

I'm so sorry that I'd always hurt you whenever you mention about our we will be together..I'll always said that it might not be ME! I just can't - cos u deserve someone better - and it is just not think and talk about the future just worries me and I'm still lost, so lost and so sorry for putting you in such an awkward situation and giving your families such a big false sorry

You always ask me - is this the life that I would always want to be with you - without any commitment??? A year, two years, three long I want to be like this?? keep on running from reality...and choose to be in this same situation/condition.... I'm so selfish - always not taking care of your feelings and just don't care enough for lots and lots of things.. Do you really sees what you want?? Are you really that sure of it?????

You always said I don't like to ask favour from you ..I tend to do things without asking your help... Maybe it is because I feel that by doing all things by myself - I'll be more incharge of my own life ..doesn't want to be dependent on anyone...cos I'm so afraid that one day..I'll be alone again..........

Saw this today : A woman happiness is 'He loves me'
A man happiness is 'She deserve my love'

Just can't stop my mind wandering around....keep on pushing myself to the end.......... how????

Late Noon : 3:00pm

Suppose to be at the center to check out the location and place early morning but just feel so lazy to bring myself there...

Phone keep ringing - calling me from the center..arghhh...have to drag myself to there..get into the taxi, OMG - the taxi driver don't know where is King's Commercial Center..and I have to guide him there..and how would I know where is it only based on the first day look from the trip to my hotel... got round and round Miri but still can't find the call from my colleague..then only manage to find the place..The taxi driver charge me RM30 for the trip where he himself dunno the place and I have to guide him : (

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