Thursday, March 23, 2006


Been feeling not well for quite some time...stupid flu and sorethroat..been bugging me for about 3 weeks....come and go, come and go....

Will be going to Miri what in my mind now...quite pressure; thanks to my 'Rationale' impulses telling my landlord that I'm staying till this month end ; P got to pack up and store my things at my office and my car..

So, every morning..u will c me carrying lots of stuff to my car..from the lif...then reached the campus and carrying it up to my place, that's what I'd been doing for the past few weeks... lama-lama jadi bukit ^_^


After lunch - a bit - take a peek at blogsite..found sth fun - - tried it out too... most of my pic - show resemble of the same group of people..

Running nose still on..just hate it so much !!

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